hmswiss is a non-profit organization that connects people through homeopathy and enables sustainable projects in the field of development cooperation in the health sector. As a non-profit association, which was founded in 2002, we are committed to independence from political, religious, ideological and ethnic affiliations. We want to contribute to positively influencing people’s state of health in the short and long term.

Project work
People should have access to homeopathy as a natural healing method, as an addition to state health care. This is especially the case where poverty, war or catastrophes make it difficult for people to access medical care. With training and further education in homeopathy, we school people in the sense of helping them to help themselves and support them in the practice of their profession in their own country. Where traditional healing methods are available, we support the practitioners to enliven them and to incorporate them into their own work.

All project members, especially homeopaths and other professionals (ethnology, hygiene, dietetics, etc.), are competent, voluntary and committed to the project.

Our members
Our members are homeopaths and interested persons, as well as legal persons who support the aims of the association.

Our sponsors
As a non-profit organization, we do not pursue any economic goals of our own and adhere to the usual standards. The income of the association consists of membership fees, legacies, as well as general and project-related donations. Project-related donations are used 100% for the respective project. We set great value upon using the funds made available to us prudently, they are visible from the outside.