Practical work: Ambulatorium & Mobile Clinics

We worked parctically with the patients during the Mobile Clinics in Bakau and Brikama. Many of our students as well as their relatives, acquaintances, neighbours, etc., also came for treatment. Convinced of their education, the students always brought new patients to our outpatient clinic in Tanji.

Mobile Clinic Bakau:

We are always impressed to witness how efficient and helpful homeopathy, skillfully applied acts in treating a broad spectrum of complaints. The majority of patients suffer from chronic illnesses ranging from degenerative diseases (such as osteoarthritis), the consequences of injuries, recurrent infections, various skin rashes to advanced pathologies such as gangrene, ulcers, osteomyelitis, etc.

Mobile Clinic Brikama:

The fact that conventional medicine in the Gambia is performed at a very modest level makes our contribution to primary health care even more compelling. Working with Gambian homeopaths is a great enrichment and ensures continuity as well as sustainability of our joint adventure.