New team member – motivated students

Another four-week hmswiss mission to the Gambia took place in mid-October. It was an active and interesting time for Annette Sartori  (new team member) and Gabrielle Barben (team leader). Annette was welcomed warmly as a new Kendeyaa team member by all participants.

Role-playing games provided for loosening up
The students are very motivated and eager to learn

The lessons for the students of the new course (LG4, beginning in March 2018) focused in the first phase on the repetition of the material that had been taught during our absence by our Gambian teaching assistants Isha Darboe and Isatou Jobe. The introduction to the treatment of acute cases with a focus on anamnesis technique followed. Numerous role-plays provided a playful part to the lessons. The students enjoy working with the repertory, as they have already developed considerable skills in using this important tool of homeopathic practice. A promising trend also shows with the independent summarizing of teaching contents. At the beginning of the course this was a difficult task for many. With the help of some tips for the procedure, constant encouragement and sufficient exercise possibilities now significant progress can be seen. Basically, the students are very motivated and eager to learn.