As a sign of our gratitude for a long and energetic commitment as well as countless voluntary working hours:

Isabelle Baumgartner – Co-Presidency, Honorary President
Susanna Pfammatter – Co-Presidency
Monica E. Brueni – Organization Seminar, Board of Directors
Laura Vardanyan – Armenia Project
Haritun Kurtcuoglu – Development and Management of the Armenia Project
Charlotte Müller – Co-Presidency, Accounting and Secretariat
Renata Hanselmann, Bosnia Project, HfA, Board of Directors
Gabrielle Barben, Gambia Kendeyaa Project, Board of Directors
Beatrice Tillmann, Gambia Kendeyaa Project
Monika Stutz, Gambia Kendeyaa Project
Andrea Mosimann, Gambia Kendeyaa Project
Annette Sartori, Gambia Kendeyaa Project
Nicoliene Potgieter-Steiner, Khula Project
Manuel Steiner, Khula Project
Monika Bänninger, HfA Project, Board of Directors
Ingrid Winter, HfA Project, Board of Directors, Office
Dominik Saner, Presidium