Date 2018-09-01 - 2099-09-01

Since 2009 we have been working in Gambia to establish and maintain a homeopathic school and an outpatient clinic.

Thanks to the training of Gambian homeopaths and patient care at various locations, we can make a major contribution to medical care in the West African state.

In the meantime, around 7500 consultations are held annually at various locations.

With the possibility of a sponsorship you support 100% the project Kendeyaa with a monthly amount for

  • School material from students (approx. CHF 20.-)
  • 2 days Mobile Clinic (transport) (approx. CHF 50.-)
  • Monthly salary of a homeopath (approx. CHF 100.-)
  • Monthly salary of a teacher (approx. CHF 175.-)
  • Start-up assistance for opening your own practice (approx. CHF 25.-)
    (only for graduates of the Kendeyaa project)

either for a period of one or two years or until further notice.

We would like to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this!