Kurtcuoglu, an Armenian from Winterthur, had already had a homeopathic Project initiated in Yerevan. The project was founded in 2002 in the Homéopathes sans Frontières Suisse (as we were then called). The health care and the economic situation in Armenia was too difficult for catastrophic at this time. Together with the organization for Classical Homoeopathy (OCH), the local partner organization, and its president Laura Vardanyan, we drove the project forward and focused primarily on
on running a homeopathy school in Jewerwan. We supported the school financially and also offered continuing education seminars with Swiss homeopaths. It was characteristic that all homoeopathy students had a had a very high level of education.

The second main pillar of the project was the so-called village project: The Armenian homoeopaths offered regular homeopathic treatments in the sometimes very isolated areas of the villages, and were financially supported for it.

The project has been in the year 2016 to the Armenian homoeopaths for further processing.